RTIC 30 Can Backpack Cooler, Tan, 2nd Gen


Shop our Backpack Cooler. Carry your favorite beverage, hands-free in this durable, water-proof backpack.

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RTIC 30 Can Backpack Cooler, Tan, 2nd Gen

ROOMY – The 30 Can holds 30 cans and a bag of ice. – The 20 Can holds 20 cans and a bag of ice. – Both fit wine bottles! HIGH-QUALITY – The RTIC Backpack Soft Cooler will keep your items cold for days as it is built with premium insulation. HANDS FREE – The cooler straps comfortably to your back, leaving both arms free to grab your surfboard, fishing pole or any other gear your adventure calls for. ACCESSIBLE – Our zipper-top opening makes it easy to access whatever’s in your cooler. COMPACT – It’s hard to imagine not using your RTIC Backpack Cooler, but in those cases, store it easily until the next adventure, or pack it up for traveling to your next basecamp. IT FLOATS – Along with keeping your drinks colder than cold, RTIC Backpack Coolers are built with welded seams, so they’re waterproof through and through. The huge bonus to being 100% waterproof: each cooler can float right along with you. BUILT TOUGH – A durable zipper keeps your drinks and snacks protected at all costs, preventing spills and leaks.




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